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Tips for taking the CPC exam

Nobody wants to know how to fail the AAPC CPC exam, so the following tells you what to look out for. You just need to be aware of certain CPC exam rules that can result in you getting disqualified or automatic failure. You can consider this as a quick checklist of what not to do when you’re in the medical coding certification or AAPC CPC exam hall. So let us discuss what are the things you shouldn’t do that breaks the exam rules.

Leave your cell phone behind

First of all, you’re not allowed to bring your cell phone to the exam. This also goes for any electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, mobile gaming consoles, etc. You wont have any place to stow them during the exam anyway, so the best solution is to just not bring them at all.


Bring the right tools

With that said, make sure you do bring the required items for the medical coding certification exam. Check with the CPC exam proctors several days beforehand to know what you’ll need. Basically you’ll need a picture ID, your member ID, #2 pencils, as well as the CPT, ICD-9CM, and HCPCS II manuals.

Keep up to date

Remember that the code sets for each coding book are updated every year, so it’s essential for you to have up to date books. Using out of date books would obviously puts you at a disadvantage, with substantial penalization. The exams are updated every January for the new code sets, so you can’t use upcoming year’s book for the exam. Do keep in mind that the exam proctors may not clarify test questions during the CPC exam.

Tabbing your coding books

You’re permitted to tab your coding books for quick reference, whether you inserted, glued, pasted, taped, or stapled it in the manuals. Having handwritten notes in the coding books are also acceptable only if they pertain to daily coding activities. The guideline is that they should be used with the intent to earmark a page with words or numbers, not supplement information in the book.

Keep it to yourself

Finally, any attempt to smuggle exam materials out of the exam hall will result in you failing the AAPC CPC exam. If you exhibit collaborative or disruptive behavior, then it can be cause for immediate action by the proctors. Because the CPC exam materials are confidential, you may not copy or discuss the questions with others during or following the examination. Now that you know how to fail the AAPC CPC exam by breaking the exam rules, be sure to keep all the points here in mind and you’ll do well to pass the AAPC CPC exam.


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What’s inside Laureen Jandroep’s Medical Coding Videos?

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You’ll get immediate online access to all her hours of videos, presented by Laureen Jandroep to personally coach you towards passing the AAPC CPC/AHIMA CCS-P exam. The videos are divided into chapters of about 20-35 minutes of videos each. The topics include:

1. Introduction to the program
2. Medical Terminology
4. Modifiers
5. ICD-9 (new ICD-10 updates here)
6. E&M Section
7. Aneshesia Section
8. Radiology Section
9. Path & Lab Section
10. Medicine Section
11. Integumentary System
12. Musculoskeletal System
13. Respiratory System
14. Cardiovascular System
15. Digestive System
16. Urinary System
17. Genital System
18. Endocrin/Nervous System
19. Eye/Ear System

The videos cover all you need for the exam. You will learn Laureen’s proven study techniquebubble and highlighting” to help you organize your notes and manuals so come exam time, you’ll be looking up codes faster than those without this strategy. Exam tips, pitfalls, and time management strategies are also covered by Laureen to help you along. These are study and exam techniques that apply equally well to any other open-book exams.

In addition to the videos, you’ll receive support from Laureen herself personally in the form of a telephone calls. Anything you’re not sure of have questions will be answered by Laureen herself. Not only that, you get access to her monthly webinars to interview and ask questions of medical coding success stories. And to ensure your continued success after passing the exam, you also get invited to her community of medical coders. This is where you can introduce yourself and meet others in this field to share ideas, discuss issues, or to help each other out!